Christmas is a wonderful time, but it is full of waiting. We wait for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We wait for the time of a special Christmas program at church, or for a Christmas TV special to come on. We wait all year to get to sing Christmas songs, whether they are Christian or secular. We wait to open presents, and to see the look on someone’s face when they open a present from us. Sometimes we wait to see the reaction of a child to their first bicycle or a new puppy. We wait to put out our Christmas decorations and turn on the Christmas lights. We wait for the day the family will gather. We wait for the Christmas Eve candlelight service. We wait to celebrate our family Christmas traditions. We wait for the very warm, very wonderful feeling that comes at Christmas.

Waiting can be hard, but it isn’t so bad if you know you are waiting for something that is worth it. Sometimes those things that are a part of Christmas that we wait for disappoint us, but even so, they are things in which we find such value that we wait in joyful anticipation for them each year.  

They are good things, and good things are worth the wait.

Part of what we as Christians do during the season of Advent is remind ourselves that we are in a waiting time, and also we remind ourselves what we are waiting on. Advent not only looks back on the coming of Christ 2000 plus years ago, but also looks forward as we wait in anticipation for His return. It is a chance to remind ourselves that we wait for something wonderful… something well worth the wait.

We wait for the return of Christ our Savior.

We wait for His presence here on this earth in bodily form. We wait for the culmination of the age of the beginning of His Kingdom reign on this planet. We wait for war to cease and for peace to come, as the Prince of Peace rules. We wait for restoration, for full redemption, for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. We wait for the full triumph of justice and righteousness. We wait for the destruction of all that seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. We wait for the death of the final enemy called death. We wait for the chance to see Him, face to face. We wait for all to be as it was created to be.  

Wait in faithfulness. It is worth the wait!