Lunch with seven Kurdish refugees, who escaped the violence in Syria with only their spouses and children, has forever changed my life.

God is Our2.png

None of them wanted to become refugees, and I sat with rapt attention as they described how evil people had sought to eradicate Christianity and all Christians from their nation. They called it the “catastrophe” in their homeland.

Their deep faith and love for God dominated the conversation. There was no complaining and no regrets, only brokenness for their native land and a dream that one day they can go back, bear witness to Christ, and be a light in the darkness for their Savior.

The Bible is True

As we were eating and talking, I asked God, "What do I need to learn from these brothers? I have never experienced persecution for my faith. No one has ever threatened the lives of my wife or children or parents or friends because we are Christians.”

At that moment, one of them said, “During this whole horrible experience, we learned the Bible is true. God is our refuge and strength.”

What is the biggest challenge you are facing in your life right now? Where do you need strength? Do you need refuge? Write me or leave a comment.

Dare to Ask God,