In a couple weeks, the FIFA world cup, the most popular single sport event in the world will begin. Sixty-four matches will be played in twelve stadiums across Russia. Right now, thirty-two national teams are fully focused and working hard to get ready for the tournament.

In charge of preparing the players in each team is a group of coaches who work with individual athletes and with the team. They rehearse plays, hone each player’s skills, and help them get physically fit for the intense tournament ahead. In essence, they are coaching players to do their best. For the best team, this will mean going home with the cup and the title of World Champion.


Every Team Needs Coaches

If you are in any kind of leadership position, coaching should be an essential part of your job description. Need an idea how important coaching is in today’s leadership? Do a simple Google search with the words “leadership” and “coaching.” I got almost 200 million entries! The main leadership conversation today seems to be about coaching.

Coaching Builds Teams

Like a winning football team, leadership works best when people are teamed together in a way that leverages the gifts and skills of each team member to accomplish a shared, God-inspired vision.

Coaching is a tool that effective team leaders use to empower, release, and serve God’s people to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Here are six direct results of coaching team members for your leadership:

  1. It Builds Relationships. Personally coaching team members builds deep relationships. People learn each other’s work preferences, learning styles, strengths, weaknesses, and much more.
  2. It Gives Perspective. Through coaching, you can identify and develop the best talents in those who serve under your leadership and place them in the right spot on the team.
  3. It Provides Opportunity for Correction. The added interaction also helps identify weaknesses and blind spots to be corrected. Sometimes coaching a member of your team will show that there is a better suited position for him or her in the organization.
  4. It Creates a Healthy Culture. Coaching encourages creating a healthy culture that values personal development and excellence.
  5. It Builds a Stronger Team. Investing in the growth of your team members will greatly enhance effectiveness and performance. Imagine a team where everyone is in the right place, doing the right calling, with the right tools.

Added Benefits

While seeking your own benefit would not be a proper motivation to engage in coaching, the investment in developing people and building a strong team will reflect positively in your own leadership reputation. In other words, it will make you look good as a leader!

Work Yourself Out of the Job

Coaching may well be the most significant activity for you. The goal is to train people in certain areas to the point where you are no longer necessary for a particular task. This will free you to take on higher priority areas and lead your entire team closer to the vision.

Have you seen these results from your leadership? How can you coach your team to be World Champions? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts.