Open Your Heart to Discovering God's Vision for Your Life

The normal response to pain, suffering and problems is to avoid them at all costs. When God is birthing vision in your life, however, you are more willing to intentionally embrace another person’s needs in your heart and even feel their pain personally.

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Everyone sees many needs around them, but sometimes there is a seed of vision from noticing the need that gives birth to something deeper in your heart with lasting power.  The need has leapt onto you, and now it goes wherever you go. There is almost a chemical reaction between the need and the way God made you.

The news of Jerusalem’s distress greatly impacted Nehemiah.  It affected him so deeply that he sat down and wept (Nehemiah 1:4a). His heart broke for Jerusalem and the situation the people were facing. 

Have you ever experienced a need that touched you deeply and, perhaps, made you weep? Is there a need that you need to allow deeper into your heart?

Allowing yourself to feel the need rather than just seeing it is an important step in the process of the birth of vision. 

Dare to ask God to open your heart to the needs of others,