Growing Season

We are about to enter one of my favorite times of every year.  I love the time when summer begins to wane and fall is near.  There are many reasons why I like this time so much, however on of the main reasons is that the grass is almost at the end of its growing season.  I don’t mind cutting the grass, but it is always a relief when instead of the yard needing to be cut every week, it can go two weeks or longer before it requires attention. For me, the end of summer is a time of hope, with indicators of good things ahead!

Don't Stop Growing.1.png

to grow or not to grow?

It is  interesting to think about how grass grows… or doesn’t.  Grass doesn’t grow in all situations and environments, but has a “growing season.”  Where I live, grass will begin to grow in the mid to late spring and grows through the beginning of autumn.  The temperature, amount of sunshine, rain, and soil contribute to the growing season of grass.  The grass doesn’t disappear when the growing season is over, nor is it dead. It just doesn’t grow.

I wonder how many people are like grass.  I believe many people have a growing season, but don’t continue to grow throughout their lives. Even more, I wonder how many Christians are like grass, as far as spiritual growth is concerned.  It is sad when anyone ceases to grow and learn, but it is perhaps more tragic when a Christian has a growing season spiritually, but ceases to grow throughout their lives. When we are born again, our eyes are open, our spirits are made alive, and a whole new realm of truth is available to us.

We should see explosive growth in our spiritual lives.

Perhaps it is unrealistic to think the pace of growth will be sustained over the course of our lives, though with the unending depths of God and His Word to learn, it is surely possible.  What happens often, however, is we slow-down significantly in our growth, and after a while, our “growing season” seems to be over. Our spiritual lives are truncated, our fruitful Kingdom labor is limited, our knowledge of the Truth becomes superficial, and our relationship with God looks passionless and powerless.  All because we stopped growing. 

the right conditions

Just like with grass, our spiritual lives will have the greatest potential for growth when the conditions are right.  Put yourself in the place where you can hear the Word of God faithfully proclaimed and explained. Intentionally engage in worship, both corporately and individually.  Always have one or more trusted brothers or sisters (men with men and women with women) whom you share life with and who will hold you accountable to be obedient to the truth you know.  Practice the spiritual disciples of prayer and Bible study, whether they are exciting at the moment or not. Read. Go to Christian conferences and seminars. Have someone you are sharing your life and wisdom with that you are trying to encourage in the faith.  Spend time with people who are growing. Look for new ways to serve God, so that your faith will be stretched. Practice believing God. Place yourself in a position that will be conducive to spiritual growth.

Don’t be spiritually dormant.
Don’t stop growing.

Jesus wants to do more in you and through you than you can imagine. Let your spiritual growing season be life-long!