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On June 23rd , the 12 members of the Wild Boar soccer team in Thailand went to explore a nearby cave after completing their practice. They planned it to be a fun outing that would take about an hour. A hard rain and a flash flood changed all of that.

Instead of being back in an hour, the team of 11 to 16-year-old boys and their 25-year-old coach were not seen or heard from until July 2, when two British cave divers found them squatting on a mound in a flooded chamber, deep inside the cave. It was amazing to find them alive, and perhaps miraculous they were all rescued, given the difficulties of navigating the underwater escape route that was their only realistic hope. The rescue made headlines around the world. 


sacrifice for the salvation of others

Not only did the world watch the unfolding saga, but several nations from around the world participated. Elite cave divers, scientists, doctors, military personnel, as well as reporters from around the world were all involved in the drama. There were twelve boys and one young man trapped in a situation of great danger, destined to die unless they were found and brought to safety by others. Great effort and expense was made by many in order to bring these thirteen to safety. People risked their lives, and no expense was spared because the salvation of these thirteen was at stake. Thankfully, the story has a happy ending, though one brave man lost his life, a sacrifice made for the salvation of others. I, and the world, rejoice at the rescue of the Wild Boar soccer team!


Salvation provided

There are also over five billion people worldwide who are currently trapped in a place of great danger. They are lost, unable to find their way to safety, and facing sure and certain death. There is a way to safety for them. A means of salvation has been provided. There has been a great sacrifice to provide the one way of escape that would mean life rather than death for every one. Sadly, and amazingly, little is being done to rescue them by those who are able to do so. There are those who know the way to safety, those who know exactly what great danger these people are in, and know how to lead them to safety.

There is generally daily interaction between those who are secure in life and those who are facing sure and eternal death, yet rarely is there any effort made to lead them to safety.

Some resources are devoted to their rescue, but very little. Sometimes an effort is made by some, but many neither give or go to try to show others the way of escape. It must change. The rescue effort is huge, and everyone who knows the way of escape is needed. It is a matter of life and death. It isn’t just thirteen, but it is billions. Just like the thirteen, each life matters. Each one needs to be shown the way of salvation. Those of us who know the way must make sure it is known by all. It is a matter of life and death.