Sometimes, when I think about the precious gift of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, I shake my head. I understand many have never heard, and my heart breaks for them, but I am amazed at how someone could hear and understand the offer of grace, and not receive it. But then, I begin to think about what grace is, and I think I am able to understand the reason.


believing the unbelievable.png


Consider this scenario: You are in school and taking your final exam. Your grade will not only determine if you pass but also your entire future, even your eternity. The test is difficult, but you think you might be getting some answers correct. Still, you think you've likely gotten many questions wrong. You are anxious and fearful because you know the importance of the outcome.

At this point, something quite remarkable and unexpected happens...

Someone tells you the teacher does not grade the way you anticipated. You are told that instead of getting the majority correct to pass the exam, you must get every question perfectly correct. This is devastating news! You absolutely know you are not going to get them all of the questions correct.

But then, you hear more. It seems the teacher who made the questions, and who will grade the papers, has also taken the exam. The teacher was, of course, able to get every question correct, and has offered to let you have his paper in exchange for yours. So, your final grade will be based on the answers the teacher gave, which will be a perfect score!


If you trust the message you heard, that you will receive from the teacher his test score, then your whole future is incredibly positive. But can it be true? Is it too good to be believed? That kind of grace, that favor or blessing you don’t deserve and have not earned just doesn’t happen. 

The choice is whether or not to believe what seems to be impossibly wonderful, or to work as hard as you can, believing the more “reasonable” notion that you take your own test, get your own score, and if you get more answers right than wrong, you pass and everything is okay. If you don’t pass, you are doomed.

And of course, you can never be sure how you are doing until the test is over and the grades are announced.

I guess I can understand the dilemma. Grace seems too wonderful to believe.... too good to be true. But, the character and nature of God is also too good to be true and too wonderful to believe. God’s offer of grace is extended. He can be trusted. We can believe His unbelievable love, and His offer of grace is our only hope to pass the test.

Do you believe in the undeserved grace of Jesus Christ?