The World Cup is currently being played right now in Russia. I have never been a huge fan of what the world calls "futbol" and the USA calls "soccer," but I have been keeping up with the World Cup. I have actually enjoyed watching some of the games. I think the primary reason I am interested though, is simply because I know it is a big deal to many people around the world. I am intrigued by the significance of the event on the world’s stage as much or even more than the event itself. This is an event that crosses national and cultural divisions. There are teams from Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Truly, the world is watching the World Cup!

the world will be watching.png

Superficial and temporary

However, not all of the world is watching because, they are either poor and have no opportunity to watch, live in remote places and don’t know about the World Cup, or like many in the States, are not that interested. The World Cup may impact more people on the planet than any other single event, but it does not impact everyone. Like the Olympics or the Super Bowl, it may be watched by many, but many others just don’t care. In fact, even those who watch the games most passionately are impacted only superficially and temporarily by these “mega-events.”


There will be an event one day that will literally be seen by every human on the planet. It will capture the attention of people everywhere like nothing has before. The rich and poor alike will watch transfixed. Those who live in isolation will see as clearly as those in the media centers of the world. No one will miss the event, and all will be supremely and completely captivated. Every person will be deeply and eternally impacted by this one single event. Jesus Christ will return to earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

There will come a day, a moment in history, in which there will be the sound of a trumpet and a cry from an angelic being, and Jesus Christ will be seen coming in the clouds, returning to this earth. 

There will be no confusion, no uncertainty, and no doubt as to the authority and power residing within Him.

He is the King, and He will reign on this earth, putting all things in subjection under His feet. No one will miss or misunderstand it, no one will escape the reality that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

For us who realize this is true, we should be watching in anticipation of this singular event in human history. The impact of the return of Jesus as King and Lord is profound and forever. Look for Him, be ready for Him, tell others about Him. No one will miss it, but we must try to make sure as many as possible are ready for it. The world will be watching, and that is not just a slogan. We have the responsibility to try to get the world ready for the only coming event that really matters.