“You can’t handle the Truth.” This movie quotation is perfect for our society today. We don’t seem to be able to take the Truth anymore. As a result, we are becoming more deceived and more confused. Truth is broadly considered as lies, and lies are broadly accepted as Truth. There are ideas about what our culture believes Truth is, that it most definitely is not.


First, Truth is not a choice. It is not something we get to decide for ourselves. Truth is not what we choose based on what we think or feel, or, even, what we have been told. We may choose whether we want to accept the Truth or not, but our decision does not alter the validity of the Truth.

Second, Truth is not determined by popular vote or cultural shifts. Truth is always open for discussion, but is never open for debate. Truth is not relative or fleeting. It does not change with any prevailing winds. Power does not determine the Truth, nor money, nor even education. Truth has nothing to do with political parties or how loudly the panel members shout on CNN or Fox News.

Truth is not up to us.

We do not get to determine or control Truth. In reality, Truth controls us, because even if we do not accept it or live by it, we are ultimately accountable to Truth. We will all be judged by Truth and have to answer to Truth.

 However, Truth is eternal, and is determined by the “only wise” God. The actual Truth is something we must allow to change us, rather than us trying to change it. It is something to be obeyed and to live by.

 We are told about Truth in the scriptures, which is called “The Word of Truth.” We will never live in freedom unless we live under the dictates of its Truth. Sadly, in our society many seem to fight desperately against Truth, wrongly believing that by denying it and creating their own, they will live in freedom from the Truth they reject. In fact, the opposite is true. Any “Truth” that we create, will lead us into bondage. Freedom comes when we recognize Truth, allow it to shape our lives, and live in its light. The Truth is a gift from God. It is tragic when we reject it.