"What is the most difficult sin to forgive?" My friend, Jason, asked this question as we began our regular Friday morning Bible study. He shared, "I have been wrestling with this question for much of the night." He paused and asked again in a more deliberate tone, "What is the most difficult sin to forgive?"

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Several answers came to mind, but none of them were what he said next... 

"Betrayal. Betrayal is the hardest sin to forgive."

The truth of his words struck me. Immediately, I thought of the few people who had violated my trust and wounded me deeply. I began listening more closely as he talked about Judas Iscariot and how he betrayed Jesus.

Then Jason read Matthew 6:15 where Jesus says [paraphrased], "If you don't let go of your resentment, if you refuse to forgive others, you will be robbing yourself of your Heavenly Father's forgiveness."

Have you ever been betrayed? Are you carrying deep wounds? Is there unforgiveness in your heart? Is it time to let go of that resentment?  

Forgiveness can only be done with God's help.

If this message is for you today, then write me at [email protected] or comment here, and let's talk about how God is helping you forgive and heal. 

Dare to Ask God,