Light is truly an incredible force. It enables us to see, to distinguish safety from danger, and to tell where obstacles may be. Light allows us to move with freedom and assurance, and more swiftly when necessary because of the capabilities it provides to us. Light makes a huge difference.

isaiah 9_2 (1).png

darkness to light

Light is also attractive. It is warm and inviting. Think of the mesmerizing light of a roaring fire, the gentle glow of a night light in a dark hallway, or the light on a front porch when you round the corner at midnight and see your home. During the Christmas season many people will even pay money to drive through an area to look at the lights decorating homes in celebration of the Holiday Season. Light beckons us to come, drawing us in.

Considering the importance and our need for light, it is no wonder that light is one of the ways the scriptures helps us understand who Jesus is. He is called the “Light of the World.” A prophetic word about Jesus from the Isaiah 9:2 said that, “the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.” The light of a special star in the heavens heralded his arrival on this planet. Jesus Christ changes this world and our lives from darkness to light. Consider for a moment what these analogies could mean.

In the midst of our deepest darkness, Jesus comes and the darkness begins to dispel.

jesus is the light

His light is warm and inviting, giving us the hope for something better. We are drawn to His light, captivated by its brilliance. As we embrace His light, we are able to see where we should walk and the obstacles we must be careful to avoid. We find protection from dangers, liberty in life, and beauty around us because our way is illumined by the Light of the World. The darkness has no hold on us for the Light that makes all the difference has come.

On December 25th , we will celebrate the birth of the Light of the World. As a baby, Jesus came in the world as a gentle, but powerful light. As we prepare to celebrate His first coming, let’s make sure we are ready for His second coming. The Light has come, the Light is here, and the Light is still to come with radiant fire that every eye shall see! Celebrate the Light and live in the Light, for the Light makes all the difference!