Vision Is Great But you Need This Too

If God says something one time, it is IMPORTANT. If God says it three times in four verses, it is VERY IMPORTANT.

God gave Joshua a vision of the promised land, a land flowing with milk and honey. He saw it with his own eyes, and with Caleb, gave a good report to Moses and all the nation of Israel. Ten others saw the land too, but they were more focused on the armed inhabitants and the fortified cities. The nation of Israel listened to the negative reports of the ten men and grumbled against God, spending the next 40 years wandering the desert.

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After the death of Moses, God spoke to Joshua and told him that it was time to fulfill the vision of God’s people inhabiting the promised land. God had a clear message for Joshua.

Three times in Joshua 1, God says:

Be Strong and Courageous (v6)
Be Strong and Courageous (v7)
Be Strong and Courageous (v9)

Courage is the mental and moral strength to venture forward, to persevere and to withstand danger, fear or difficulty (Merriam-Webster). For the Christian, your courage is rooted and grounded in your relationship with God.

What is holding you back from taking the next step with God in your life? What is your fear? What challenge do you need to rise above?

God knew what Joshua needed to take the next step in his life and leadership. He needed to be “strong and courageous.”

Dare to Ask God for strength and courage today,