Plow Horse Or Race Horse: Which Christian Are You?

There are major differences between racehorses and plow horses. First, a racehorse is bred for racing. People are impressed with racehorses, will pay money to watch them race, and are known by their name that is often cheered by many people.

In stark contrast, a plow horse is a workhorse used at a farm to do hard labor. Most specifically, they were hitched to a plow and were the “engine” that pulled the plow to harvest a farmer’s crop. Plow horses are not flashy, but they are strong, dependable, and do what you need them to do. For many years, a farmer’s livelihood was dependent on their plow horse.

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Plow Horse Christians VS Race Horse Christians

There are parallels in the Christian world to both, racehorses and plow horses. There are Christians whose lives are similar to racehorses. They are uniquely gifted in spectacular ways and are fairly well known, at least in their circle of influence, often drawing a significant crowd to watch and listen to them. They may pastor megachurches, host podcasts, have live-streamed sermons, or have authored one or more books. People sing their songs and follow them on Twitter. They have a significant platform and influence.

Far more in number, however, are the Christians who are like plow horses. These are the local pastors of smaller churches, Sunday School teachers, nursery workers, and ministry volunteers. These are the moms and dads who lead and train their children in the ways of Christ. They are the people who lead Bible studies or the volunteers who make possible the work of megachurches, mission organizations, and ministries worldwide. They are the few people who faithfully meet each week to pray for people and ministries that do not even know who they are. They are those who most people do not know, but who serve behind the scenes, and faithfully live for Christ day by day.

God Uses Both!

My point is not that one is better than the other. Both, racehorses and plowhorses, are magnificent animals, just in different ways. A plow horse would not be very successful doing what a racehorse does, and a racehorse would not be too adept at doing what a plow horse does. 

As we look to how we may fit in God’s plans and purposes, we need to understand the value of being who and what God has called us to be. Everyone does not need to be a racehorse, and everyone does not need to be a plow horse. Everyone does, however, need to understand how God has made them, and how He wants to use them for His purposes. We need to understand the value of being obedient to what God has created and called us to do and be. Racehorse or plow horse, the truly great horse is the one who is joyfully and faithfully living out God’s calling for their life.