A Matter of Perspective

It is helpful to think about the difference our perspectives can make in a situation.

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life in a vacuum

First, it can help us against having an ego-centric view of our lives. We tend to see the events of our lives in a vacuum, rather than in a larger context. For example, a sixth grade student who is taking a test at school will think that the test is the biggest, most important thing happening in the world. In reality, the test may impact his grade in the class, but will not impact his college, job, or life potential. His mom or dad may feel the same way about a project deadline at work. The pastor of their church may feel the same stress as he considers the magnitude of standing before 500 people on Sunday and speaking into their lives from the Word of God. The House Church pastor in China may be facing the authorities who have padlocked his church and arrested him for crimes against the state. And, somewhere in the world a believer may be forced to answer a question determining whether or not he or his family lives or dies.

In our own vacuums, our situation seems life or death. In the larger context however, most of us realize what we are facing is not as bad or difficult as we originally thought. Being able to see our circumstances in a larger context is helpful to us, giving us a more accurate and healthy perspective concerning our situations.

God’s perspective

Second, it is important for us to consider our perspectives because we need to align ours with God’s perspective. When we consider God is the One who made and holds together the earth, solar system, and even the galaxies it would be easy for us to believe God’s perspective on our issues is that He would, neither, know nor care about our daily stresses and problems. We are, after all, just a tiny dot on a dot on a dot in the vastness of all God has created, and who would consider an issue of such a tiny dot to be important? 

The reality is, however, God does consider our situation important!

The Bible assures us, “You (God) are familiar with all our ways,” (Psalms 139:3) and that He knows the number of hairs on our heads (Luke 12:7). Our infinite God is concerned with the finite details of our lives. He sees, He knows, He cares. God gives His full attention to the ones facing a life and death decision, and also gives His full attention to the sixth grade student who is anxious about an upcoming test at school.

As we consider our situations, we should try to see them in larger contexts, so we will not become self-centered and think our situations are all that matters in the world. But, we should also remember God’s perspective. God knows how our issues fit into the larger context, but He loves us with such uniqueness and completeness that He is able to give focus to our need. And, if God is giving our situation His attention, then our perspective on it ought to reflect that reality.