I heard a constant, rhythmic clapping mixed with singing coming from the center square. Blindness robbed my sight 20 years earlier, leaving me a beggar, dependent on the kindness of others.


Many people were dying from a lack of food and water in Lodwar, Kenya. This year was worse than most—even some camels had died.

A young man had to lead me around by the arm. I said to him, “Take me to the square. I want to know what is happening.”

I listened to several speakers before they announced a woman from America. They called her “Sister Joy.” She told the story of how she was paralyzed in an accident when she was 22 years old. She was unable to walk for a year and a half, but when a man prayed to Jesus and asked Him to heal her, He did. I didn’t know this Jesus she spoke of, but I wondered,

Would Jesus do the same
for me and heal my eyes?

After she finished telling her story, she invited anyone who wanted to ask Jesus into his or her heart to come forward. Being a Muslim all my life, my friends and I were uncertain. The Mullah, a mosque leader in our town, had instructed us not to listen to this American woman because this was a form of war we needed to defend against.

But I was hopeful. I could feel many people moving forward, brushing by me, and I told my guide to take me to the front. I was in the middle of 300 people as I said these words, “Jesus, you healed the woman from America. Please heal me, too.”

Instantly, I could see again,
began shouting,
“I can see! I can see!”

People around me began shouting and jumping, then they pushed me through the crowd. I walked to the platform and a man held his hand up in the air and said, “Where is my hand?”

I grabbed his hand and
the crowd began shouting.

God performed many miracles that day, and many put their faith in Christ. The tribe now knows that the Jesus who healed the blind man loves them.

*For privacy, the picture of the featured leader has been changed.