Live a Life of Integrity

There is more than one way to share who Christ is with others. Often, we think our only option is to approach a friend or even a stranger and share a Bible verse with them.

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But, that is not the only way! We can be a reflection of Christ to others by living lives of integrity.

God looks for men and women of integrity who live holy lives that are accountable to God and the Body of Christ. Integrity glorifies God, protects Christians from stumbling, and encourages growth.

This week, we begin a new series focused on integrity. Throughout this series, we will look at definitions of integrity and discuss how we can apply those to our daily lives. We will also read stories of Biblical heroes who committed themselves to integrity even at great odds!

In a fallen world, circumstances arise that challenge our integrity. As Christians, we are called to live holy lives as representatives of Christ here on Earth. We can only do this if we are given the proper tools and Biblical examples to follow.

Where, in your life, do you find the greatest challenges to maintaining integrity?

Consider the question above and Dare to Ask God that He could use this series to grow you into a man or woman of great integrity!


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