Independence or Freedom

This week is the celebration of America’s Independence Day, July 4th. Americans often celebrate their independence by grilling burgers and hot dogs, making homemade ice cream, waving their flags, and shooting fireworks throughout the day and night.

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Independence is worth a lot, so naturally, people must give a lot in order to obtain it. The sacrifice is worth it, however, when the alternative is tyranny and oppression. We should be grateful to all who have sacrificed and do sacrifice much for our nation to remain independent.

Think for a moment, however, about a greater tyranny and a stronger oppression: the slavery of sin. It is far more oppressive than any political system or human ruler as it impacts every person on the planet. No one is immune to this slavery regardless of race, creed, nationality, socio-economic status, education, or address. It not only enslaves us in this life, destroying our joy and our freedom, but it also impacts our eternity, ensuring we will be forever enslaved in its misery. 


But, we are offered freedom! In Christ, we have freedom from the penalty, power, and (eventually) presence of sin. This independence is more complete than anyone else could ever offer as even those living in the most repressive nations, under the most cruel dictators, can be given freedom in Jesus Christ that can not be taken away, even by torture and imprisonment. 

Freedom always comes at a cost, however. The cost for our freedom was paid for through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. In Him, through Him, and because of Him,

He has broken the chains of our oppression and set us free!

It is interesting that this freedom does not come through rebellion against tyrannical authority, but through our surrenderance to an absolute, sovereign, eternal King. True freedom, freedom that resides within the body of Christ, is offered to us through Jesus Christ. In Him, we are given a life of freedom by surrendering to the One who has and will always have all wisdom, all power, all authority, and who loves with a perfect love.

That freedom is worth celebrating EVERY DAY!