"Men at Work!", is a common sign in construction sites and roadways. This simple sign is designed to warn that there is movement of men and women around us, tearing down or building up. Machinery is being operated, and we should be alert.

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God is at Work

There should be a great sign like that over our planet because God is surely at work in our world, and it is incredible to see what He is doing.

The deeper and broader we look, the more we can see the hand of God moving over the earth in power and authority.

The Gospel is being shared and the Spirit of God is working in the lives of people in many places. I was just reminded of this in a powerful way last week at a training event with thirty participants and six faculty from five nations, and from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and cultures. We were all believers in Jesus Christ, but only those teaching came from Christian backgrounds. Every participant was a first-generation believer. Not one was raised in a Christian environment. There were former Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims, Druze, and Yazidis, and they were all attending our leadership training conference designed to help Christians fulfill their potential as leaders to reach the lost.

One of the great things about that week was that it reminded us how God is at work across this planet to redeem people "from every nation, tribe, people and language" (Rev. 7:9) to Himself. Those men and women were living proof of that biblical truth, and it was exciting to see the mighty hand of God at work!

More than Just Excitement

This is good news indeed, but is there a deeper meaning for us who know Christ and have understood the message of the Gospel? In his book Experiencing GodHenry Blackaby writes as obedient followers of Jesus, our main task is to “find out where God is at work and join Him in what He is already doing".

As we consider the fact that God is working to call out a harvest from all over the world and from all peoples and cultures, it is imperative we get involved in what He is doing. We need to share our faith with those around us by supporting missionaries and organizations working to take the Gospel to places and people most of us will never have opportunity to see. We need to do what we can with the resources

God has entrusted us to train indigenous leaders all over the world, in order to facilitate the most fruitful and effective evangelism in every country and culture.  

The harvest is plentiful, and God is at work in it. Let’s join Him and become workers in the harvest field. God is at work in every place, in every way, and with every resource. Let’s get involved in the work of the Lord for the harvest!