Pray for Your Family

This week, we will wrap up our series on Family Priority. Through this series, we have seen family as it is taught throughout the Bible, the definition of earthly families and heavenly families, God’s promise to restore families, Six Characteristics of Strong Families, and so much more!

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We hope this series has been beneficial for you to understand your family as it fits into God’s grand design and has given you applicable tools for you and your family to grow towards spiritual maturity!

We want to close this series out with a prayer to God, the one who created families, gives us the power to love our families well, and ultimately, will, one day, restores us to His Family, the family of God!

Pray this prayer with us…

Dear God, your plan placed us in families. This act of grace reveals your wisdom. In families, we learn to love. Even though some families are broken, your perfect will is wholeness. You have provided for us grace, mercy, and forgiveness to restore and heal. For that which we have received from our families, we give you thanks. Help us, by your grace, to love our families as you have loved us. And as you gave yourself for us, may we also give ourselves to our families so that they, too, may learn how to love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Just because the “Family Priority” series is over, does not mean our daily surrenderance and repentance for Christ to continue to work through us in our families stops.

Dare to Ask God for the ability to continue fighting to love your family well (your personal family and the Family of God) and to trust in the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to do so,