Like most people, I think the moon is really beautiful. I love seeing any portion of it, but when the moon is full, it is really spectacular. The soft, yet brilliant, light of the moon against the dark of the night sky is definitely some of God’s great artwork that He allows us to enjoy on a nightly basis. Yet, even when we see the fullest of moons, we are only seeing half of the moon. There is also the backside of the moon, also known as the dark side of the moon.



There is nothing magnificent about the dark side of the moon. We don’t actually see it from the earth, but we know that it is altogether dark. It would be described as gloomy at best, foreboding and even scary at worst. We are drawn to the bright side of the moon, but only to the bright side. 

The dark side of the moon is still the moon, the same as the bright side of the moon except for one thing... light. Neither side of the moon is actually light. It is just one moon, and it is the exact same all over. The difference is, the bright side is facing the sun, and thus is able to reflect the light of the sun. The light of the sun reflected on the surface of the moon makes the surface appear bright and beautiful. 



What an incredible picture this is for us as believers in Jesus Christ. In even the darkest of times or circumstances in human life, we are simply human. The moment the Light of the Son, Jesus Christ, strikes the surface of darkness in our lives, transformation begins to take place. Ephesians tells us that we have been transferred from the darkness to the Kingdom of the Son. We go from darkness to light.

It is important to note that, much like the moon, the light which is a part of our lives is not our light, but the Light of the Son. We shine with beauty only to the extent we reflect that Light. And like the moon, the more of our lives that reflect the Son’s Light, the brighter and more beautiful we will appear to the world around us. 

The lesson is that in any and all circumstances, it is critical we choose to face the Son. In darkness, we must turn toward the Son. When we focus on living in the Light, we can reflect His beauty to the world that is watching. The Light of the Son transforms even the worst of darkness.

“The Light shines in the darkness, and the
darkness will not overpower it.”