Have you been to a business or organization where everything seems to work? People are friendly, customer service is “spot-on,” products and services are fine-tuned like a Swiss watch, and even the restrooms are clean and tidy. I previously had the privilege of being at two places like this. (Curious? Check out day 1 and day 2). On the other hand, you and I have probably been to places where nothing seemed to work. Customer service was lousy, products and services were sub-par, and even the restrooms – well, let’s not even go there!

7 Ways to Lead Others to Success

The Secret

Of course, you and I know the difference between the two places is not in the products or services, or even in the people. The difference between successful and lousy organizations is leadership. This has been repeated a million times, but since the statement is true, it is worth repeating once again.

Everything rises and falls on leadership.
John Maxwell

The obvious secret is great leaders lead great people, but this doesn’t mean great leaders only select the best. Successful leaders set others up for success. They create an environment where people want to succeed and who strive to do their best, even sacrificially, to get the job done with excellence.

7 Ways to Lead Others to Success

Here are seven simple ways to set those under your leadership up for success:

  1. Believe in Them. We published a post about the “Law of Expectation.” This law has shown that in many areas of life people behave in the way expected of them. The leaders who believe in their people are the ones who get better people.

  2. Invest in Them. Servant leaders invest in developing others. This is not only about helping people do their job better, but having a genuine interest in their development. The more prepared your people are, the better job they will do.

  3. Win Their Hearts. Although many would think leadership is an issue of mental skills and techniques, it is really a matter of the heart. People who are engaged and motivated are primed to succeed.

  4. Lead by Example. If you are a leader, people are constantly observing you. Transformational leaders walk their talk. Their own actions are consistent with what they teach and ask of their followers.

  5. Set Clear Goals Together. Clarity is the first step to success, and clear goals bring that clarity. But remember the “together” part; ownership of the vision is also essential for high performance.

  6. Communicate the Significance of the Task. Successful people understand the impact of their work toward the overall vision of the organization. They believe in their contribution to the greater good.

  7. Provide Constant Positive Feedback. Another factor that influences people’s success is the perception that they are not alone. Without micro-managing, leaders who provide positive feedback push others towards success.

Put it to Action

The best leaders understand that when their people succeed, they succeed. Of course, there are other steps to implement beyond the seven listed above to help people succeed.

What are some leadership practices you embrace to help your people be successful?