What if I told you that there is a guaranteed strategy for success in growing the Kingdom of God and reaching the lost, would you adopt it? Well, after twenty years, I can honestly say the strategy God gave us at the International Leadership Institute works. We have been living it for two decades and have seen it work over and over again.

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A Fivefold Strategy

It is so important, we feature it on page three of our training notebook, right after our vision, mission, and biblical foundation. There are five simple steps:

  1. PRAY. Building God’s Kingdom is a spiritual endeavor, so we need guidance, wisdom, and power from God. Prayer is the first step because God chooses to work in response to the prayers of His people.
  2. EQUIP. This was the first insight we had when ILI was slightly more than a dream in the hearts of Wes and Joy Griffin. Equipping leaders accelerates the spread of the Gospel. Proclaim the Gospel to ten persons and, if you are successful, you will have four or five believers. Equip ten leaders and encourage them to teach others (2 Timothy 2:2), and you can reach thousands.
  3. COACH AND MENTOR. Every leader we train grows their capacity and vision, but some of them go beyond and “run with the vision.” We learned early in our journey if we come alongside these special men and women and help them achieve their own God-given priorities (vision), great things will happen.
  4. NETWORK. The spread of the Gospel happens along relationship networks. Facilitating the development of Kingdom-minded relationships between leaders is a sure way to accelerate that Gospel organic movement.
  5. PARTNER. There are plenty of Kingdom-minded individuals, churches, and organizations looking for ways to reach the lost and serve those in need. Partnering with the right people leverages the power of synergy and allows us to accomplish more than we would individually.

The Result

Looking back at 20 years of equipping leaders and spreading the Gospel, we are amazed at the results. More than 230,000 men and women have attended an ILI training. A number of them are part of our ever growing network of “mobilized and multiplying” leaders of leaders. Together, we are helping transform the world, a few leaders at a time.

The Power of One

Last year alone, 33, 616 leaders were equipped in 83 countries, but the large number is not what matters most. Each of those leaders plays a special role in God’s economy. Each leader is looking to make a difference for God in a world that is lost. Through the training, each has been equipped with a proven leadership tool – The Eight Core Values, and have become part of a global movement – the ILI Team. The result is simple, but powerful. As leaders are equipped, the Gospel is proclaimed, people find Christ, believers are discipled, leaders are trained, and the spread of the Gospel is accelerated.

How about You?

What is your vision? What is the unique role God has called you to play in His master plan? How can this five-fold strategy multiply your influence for the Kingdom of God?




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