The Empty Tomb... Sunday's Coming

Jerusalem, Israel. The loudspeaker crackled and a woman’s voice announced, “The Garden Tomb will be closing in ten minutes.”

Dusk was falling, and the air was turning cooler. I looked at my friends and said, “Let’s go to where they have prepared Holy Communion for us. We only have a few minutes left.” 

We found our designated area, a small rock table under an olive tree. On the table were three portions of bread and juice. We agreed to say a consecration prayer, then each would receive the elements when he was ready. After the prayer, God said to me, “Take the bread and the juice. Go back to the empty tomb, and take Holy Communion.”

I protested, “What will my friends think? This place is closing in four minutes. There’s no time.”

The Holy Spirit spoke again, “Take the bread. Take the juice. Go back to the empty tomb, and take Holy Communion.”

I quickly picked up the bread and juice, hurried across the garden and down the steps, and sat on a rock opposite the Garden Tomb. I looked at the bread and the juice, then at the tomb . . . the EMPTY tomb. I thought of Matthew 28:6,

“He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay.” — Matthew 28:6

I was suddenly overcome with the reality of Christ’s death and the power of His resurrection. Tears flowed down my cheeks and onto the ground, where perhaps, Mary, Peter, Mary Magdalene, and others once stood.

I lifted the bread and the juice and prayed,

the empty tomb.png

What will you do this week to reflect on the meaning of the empty tomb? What will you do on Easter Sunday to celebrate the power of the resurrection?

Dare to ask God to show you more this week about the meaning of Easter.

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