Ingrida’s father was not a Christian, in fact, he believed in Hinduism among other religions. Although a Christian herself, Ingrida never had the courage to speak to her father about her faith in God. That all changed when she attended the Lithuania History Makers.

Ingrida learned about Passion for the Harvest and Culturally Relevant Evangelism, but it was the Core Value of Family Priority that motivated her to go back and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with her father.

“…after that, amazing things started to happen, not only in our relationship, but I ALSO began to see others come alongside him to explain and show him the love of God.” 

To Ingrida's surprise, her father's heart was softened, and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. She credits the support system she gained at the History Makers Journey for giving her the courage and motivation to boldly live out her faith and spread the Gospel to her own family.