A good amount of attention is spent on living healthy. There are magazines to read, fitness programs and exercise equipment to buy, gyms to join, and personal trainers to hire. From all types of vitamins, dietary supplements, protein bars, smoothie cafes, and even prepackaged healthy meals, the fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. But is this really the only health we should be concerned with?

Emotional Health

In addition to our physical health, we pay just as much attention to our emotional health. The shelves of bookstores are filled with all types of self-help books. We spend huge amounts of money on counselors and therapists, take medication to level our moods, and join support groups to help us cope with the difficulties of life. We invest a lot in our emotional health.

are we investing in our Spiritual Health?

We work hard and invest a lot of effort to be physically and emotionally healthy, and as a general principle, that is a very good thing. A healthy lifestyle is good, but it seems we often neglect the health of the most crucial aspect of our lives. The Bible says we are physical and emotional beings, but we are also spiritual beings as well. In fact, we are most fundamentally spiritual beings, yet we devote little time to making sure we are spiritually healthy. 

We have nutritional plans and workout plans, but do we have a Bible study plan we are committed to? We have work-out buddies and support groups, but do we have people in our lives we are accountable to spiritually? We have a counselor to help us work through emotional struggles and a personal trainer to help us achieve fitness goals, but do we have a mentor to guide us spiritually as we navigate the twists and turns of life?

The Most Important Health

A healthy lifestyle is important, and the most import aspect of a healthy life is our spiritual life. Make sure the tools available for a healthy spiritual life are a part of your daily routine. Don’t neglect corporate worship, personal devotions, accountability prayer partners, and the Word of God, among other things that can keep your spiritual life healthy and strong.

If you want a healthy lifestyle, get and stay spiritually healthy. That is the first and most important aspect of a truly healthy life.