Fireworks vs Dynamite

Years ago, I was flying from São Paulo to Atlanta on New Year’s Eve. By a series of incredible coincidences, I was given a window seat, our flight departed a bit late, and we took off in an unexpected direction, flying over the city instead of away from it. As we rolled down the runway precisely at midnight, the captain wished us a happy new year. What followed was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. For the next twenty minutes, we flew over the city at the same time people below us welcomed the new year with fireworks – lots of it. In every direction we could see a myriad of explosions of multiple colors until we broke through the clouds and left the city for our ten-hour flight.

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Nitroglycerin is the explosive in dynamite. Though different from the black powder in fireworks, both work in the same way – by causing a sudden explosion – BOOM. However, there is a significant difference between dynamite and fireworks. The explosion of dynamite has a purpose and direction. The result is that while fireworks are beautiful to see (especially when you are flying above them), dynamite actually accomplishes something, allowing it to be used for construction, mining, etc.

Visionary Leadership is like Dynamite

Biblical leaders have access to explosive power – The Holy Spirit. In fact, one of the words in the Bible for the power of God is dunamis, from where the word dynamite originates. If you want to see it in action, just read the book of Acts. After the Holy Spirit was poured out, the Church grew exponentially and very fast, until believers were scattered through the known world in only one generation.

The Holy Spirit gives explosive power to the Church, but without vision, it can end up being only fireworks. Biblical visionary leadership harnesses the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish God’s purposes. Vision is like dynamite because it provides these five important outcomes:

  1. Vision clarifies purpose and priorities. Visionary leaders know where they need to get and which steps it will take to get there. Their explosion is pointed in one direction.

  2. Vision sets standards of excellence. Having vision is like shooting at a target. Good marksmen know to focus on one point and let everything else fall out of focus.

  3. Vision inspires expectation and commitment. Leaders need followers. People are willing to follow leaders who know where they are supposed to go.

  4. Vision expands horizons. When God gives vision, it will always be more than the leaders could ever accomplish alone. As Henry Blackaby stated, God’s visions are always “God-sized.”

  5. Vision fuels passion. Vision is a mental image of a preferable future God wants to create through you. If that doesn’t ignite your passion, nothing else will.

  6. Vision provides focus for reaching full potential. God created, saved, and is developing you with a purpose – His glory. Vision aligns our life with God’s purpose and that glorifies Him.

So, what are you: fireworks or dynamite? Is vision harnessing the powerful potential of God’s Spirit in you for the establishment of His Kingdom on Earth? What is your vision, what is your purpose? The moment you find the answer to this question, your life is about to change forever.