What Operating System Are You Running?

Are you a Windows or a Mac? In a time when we depend on our digital devices for much of our lives, the type of devices we use helps define us. All my work is done on Apple devices. My brother, on the other hand, doesn’t like its operating system, and will only work with Windows. Which one is better depends on who you ask, as, in the end, we both get our work done. On the other hand, there is great benefit to using the same operating system. Of course, this is not a post about computers, so what do operating systems have to do with leadership? I am glad you asked.

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Leadership Operating System

Just like our digital devices, our leadership “runs” on a value framework, a sort of operating system, if you will. The way we lead (and the results we get) are determined by where our leadership comes from, what it focuses in, and what the main focus of our leadership is. There are probably many “leadership operating systems” out there. For a leader who wants to lead with vision and a solid biblical foundation, it can be compared to an equilateral triangle where each side represents one particular leadership style and set of practices.

The Biblical Leadership O.S.

There are three sides to biblical leadership. Jesus, our supreme model of leadership was perfect in every aspect of it – the perfect equilateral triangle, if you will. We strive to imitate Christ and grow in each of the sides of this triangle. Here are the three leadership sides, the essence of the Biblical Leadership O.S.

  1.  Spiritual Leadership. Biblical leadership is, at its core, Spiritual because it originates in God and is exercised under God’s authority and power. To use the language of computers, the Bible is the source code for Spiritual leaders. Daily leadership practices flow from the leader’s relationship with God and His Word. The vision of the spiritual leader is revealed to us by God, and He is the source of the authority a Spiritual leader has.

  2. Servant Leadership. Authentic Biblical Leadership is focused on others. Jesus himself said he hadn’t come to be served, but to serve, and give his life in ransom for many. True biblical leaders serve and build others.

  3. Transformational Leadership. The third element of the Biblical Leadership operating system is transformation. The focus of Biblical leadership is meaningful change. In that sense, Biblical leadership is disruptive and revolutionary. It transforms. 


With computers, which operating system is the best? It is really up to the individual user to decide. On the other hand, when we build our leadership on God’s Word, we have His assurance that our leadership will help build His Kingdom and help His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.