One of the significant means of communication in our society is Instagram. It is pretty simple to use. You register an account, take a picture, write a caption, all to give your followers an illustrated micro-story of your life. People can see it, like it, and even comment. Among the many benefits of Instagram, people know more about what all their friends are eating now than ever before.

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a filtered life

At first glance, it would seem strange to post a window into one’s life. Our followers’ interests in details about us like where we go and what we eat is too public and weird. Sharing so many details about our lives is a strange concept, until you consider one factor…….Instagram has filters.

 There are numerous filters available allowing you to change the lighting, color, and mood of your photo. In addition to the filters, Instagram also offers you the ability to only post the part of your life you want people to see. It’s perfect! People have a glimpse of your life, but not your real life, only your filtered life.

 Instagram is a presentation of real moments from a person’s life, and thus, appears to be a window into the life they live. In reality, it is anything but. It is a carefully desired, well-chosen filtered presentation of what people want others to think about their lives. So, we post, wait for the likes and affirming comments, and post again.

 The problem is that we aren’t completely sure about what we see when others post their pictures. We easily slip into thinking that others’ posts are an accurate representation of their lives, and it always looks better than ours.

That makes us discontent, insecure, and determined to strive for the life we believe others have.

 Another problem is that we find ourselves needing to live up to our filtered life, which is impossible to do. Further, the attempt to do so is fraught the peril of shallow relationships because we are living as insincere people.

God does not care for filters

 The ultimate truth, however, is that there are no filters before God. The Scriptures say that there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. We know that nothing escapes the notice of the One who judges the living and the dead, and the One who knows the thoughts and intentions of our hearts.

 Something tells me that the more unfiltered our lives are, as we live in relationship with others, the healthier our lives and relationships will be. An unfiltered life is genuine, honest, sincere, and authentic. It is the most beautiful life we can live, and is the only one that God cares about.