We Go for Souls

“Pasalo, Pasalo, Pass it, Pass it!” The shouts of children sprinting across the soccer field joyfully filled the air.  A few short dribbles and some fancy footwork, and the ball was off the ground once more, soaring into the back of the net. “GOOAAAALLLLLL”

Although this scene may seem like an average game of soccer played between children, it is anything but ordinary.


Surrounded by poverty and violence, these kids use soccer as a break from the abuse and fear that fills their homes. Soccer gives them a chance to simply be children. This was the case for ILI Alumni, Weimar.

Almost immediately after graduating from an ILI National Conference in 2013, Weimar stepped out in bold obedience and began equipping more leaders in his own nation, Colombia.

His focus? Introducing Christ to Children who live in poverty through the game of Soccer.

Weimar uses soccer to meet a need in the community, organizing a soccer ministry in which the coaches listen, guide, and love each child as if they were their own. The children experience a sense of value, belonging, and acceptance for the first time in their life, all while playing a game of soccer.

Although, soccer is a way of life for the people in Colombia, Weimar is reminded by the constant longing in his heart: Soccer, alone, is not enough. He remembers how desperate his life looked before he knew Jesus, and the great need that exists for these kids to know Him as well.

The kids come to play soccer, but Weimar and his team go for their souls.

Weimar recalls moments when young boys and girls meet Jesus through soccer, as if their past is shed like dirty rags and a new life begins for them. Weimar is able to serve His risen savior through a sport that he loves, watching children meet God for the first time on the soccer field.

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