We have heard all of our lives, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” We tend to consider that good advice most of the time, and different people live it out in different ways. Some follow that rule when gambling (a hundred on 5 games instead of five hundred on one), and others as they build an investment portfolio (“diversify”), and some are thinking that I just repeated myself.

The idea of not putting ALL of our resources, ALL of our trust, ALL of our hope in one place is probably really good advice. Good advice for all those who don’t know Jesus Christ.

The Right Basket.png

For all those who know and claim Jesus as their redeemer, please hear this, PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET!

Put every single egg you have in Jesus’ basket!

Actually, everybody in the world would be best served and in fact, desperately needs to put all their eggs in Jesus’ basket. We who bear His name and who know Him and who have a relationship with Him must go first. Why would the world sell out to Jesus when they see Christians “hedging their bets?” I believe that we can easily be an impediment to others coming to Christ if we are half-heartedly (read, “lukewarm”) committed to Jesus.

I am not saying to ignore sound business practices or investment strategies. That is part of “doing our work heartily, as unto the Lord,” and being good stewards of what God has entrusted to us. I am, however, saying that we should trust in Jehovah Jireh to be our provider, rather than our “ten year plan.”

I am saying that we should not live for ourselves, but should be willing to “lose our lives” for the sake of Jesus and of the Gospel.

I am saying that we should not be content to simply be safe and comfortable, but that our security and comfort should take second place to the cause of Christ and His call to live as His disciples. I am saying that we should live now in the light of eternity, and with the realization that,

“Better is one day in His courts than thousands elsewhere.”

This is not an encouragement to be foolish, but an encouragement to be willing to be considered foolish if that is what it takes to follow the One who is worth everything. When one is a “fool for Christ,” he or she is no fool at all, for all of our eggs were made for His basket. The fool is the one who says in his heart there is no God, or who lives their life as if that is what he or she thinks. The one who “stores up riches for himself, rather than being rich toward God,” is the one whom God says is a fool.

The world needs to see some Christians who live like they believe Jesus is Lord of all, and is worth their all. We need to be people who aren’t afraid to trust His basket. His basket is the right basket. 

Put ALL your eggs in His basket.