Seventeen — the age when life-changing decisions are made. This was especially true for Brian, a young Christian man who was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life. It all became clear when Brian walked into a Christian coffee house and was deeply touched by the large mural on one of the walls. In this mural, repeated many times, were the words of Ecclesiastes 12:1...

Small Act

God used the words painted on the wall to speak to young Brian. As a result, he recommitted his life to the Lord, went on to bible college, and into ministry, eventually becoming Brian Houston — Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, one of the most significant Christian congregations in the world today.

What Brian has done and been a part of is terrific, but he wouldn't be where he is today if it weren't for the small act of artist Earl Hingston, who painted a mural on the coffee shop wall. Earl painted this scripture on the wall expecting God to use it to capture someone’s heart and change someone’s life – and it did.

Eight Core Values

You don't need a great act of heroic leadership to leave a lasting legacy that will change the world. However, acts of leadership that influence the world, whether small or great, require leading from God’s heart. Here are eight things you can do to be the kind of leader who changes history.

  1. Begin With a Solid Foundation (Intimacy with God) — Lead from your intimate relationship with God and He will use you to influence others for meaningful change.

  2. Lead Passionately (Passion for the Harvest) — As Christian leaders, our main task is to bring the Kingdom of God by living and proclaiming the Gospel. This is at the very heart of God.

  3. Discover God’s Vision (Visionary Leadership) — Once you discover your God-given vision, live to fulfill it. Simply put, this is the purpose for which you were created.

  4. Share Your Story (Culturally Relevant Evangelism) — Christ is the greatest message the world has ever heard and your life is the best medium for this message to be shared with the world.

  5. Invest in Others (Multiplication of Leaders) — We can’t do it alone. There are many who are waiting for their chance to make a difference for God. We are called to reproduce the life God has given to us in others.

  6. Don’t Leave Your Family Behind (Family Priority) — They are your first place of ministry. They are God’s gift to you. Take them along in your leadership journey.

  7. Steward Your Resources (Faithful Stewardship) — God owns all that is good and has entrusted valuable resources and time to you. Manage them for His glory.

  8. Maintain Integrity (Integrity) — The world is tired of fakes, but is ready to listen to integrity. Make sure your life is beyond reproach and the world will pay attention.

These are the Eight Core Values of the most effective Christian leaders who are changing history. I have had the privilege of living and teaching these values for 15 years. God continues to use them to change lives. They are at the core of our leadership training and discipleship resources. (Find out more).

Action Questions

How are you living out the Eight Core Values in your day-to-day? Are you helping others live out these values? What are you waiting for?

by Norival Trindade