My father abandoned my family when I was just a year old. After years living in anger and confusion, I finally hit rock bottom. When I found myself in a dark and lonely prison cell, I knew something had to change...

Upon my release from prison, I was invited to attend a History Makers Journey here in Cuba for young leaders. To say my life was changed would be a great understatement. The faculty took time to invest in my personal journey, walking me through true forgiveness for my father.

I made the decision to visit my dad who was in the hospital dying from cancer. Walking into the room, I stepped into new life — free from prison and free to forgive. I put off my old self and became the man of love I was called to be.

God restored my family that day. I forgave my father and had the opportunity to meet the sister I never knew I had. History Makers is transformation. It changed me, then it changed my family, and now it is changing others.

Louis attended the 2010 History Makers Journey in Cuba under the leadership of ILI International Director for Latin America, Tony Vasquez. Today, he continues to multiply the Eight Core Values to equip leaders and spread the Gospel.



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