My wife and I are in the process of “house hunting.” We have relocated to another city and are looking for a place to call home. House hunting is a pretty big deal. It is a major life decision and a significant financial investment. Imagine how nice it would be if someone took the burden of buying of a house for us. Imagine if they assumed the responsibility of finding just the right house, did all the negotiations, worked out financing, and even signed the deal. Better yet, what if they moved all the furniture into the new house and had it set up just right? All we would have to do is walk in and enjoy our new home.


Unfortunately, this is not the way real life works. Even if someone was willing to house-hunt for us, I doubt we would trust someone enough to buy a home for us to live in. That person would have to know us intimately, even perfectly. They would have to know all our preferences concerning style, colors, amenities, etc. There is no way anyone could know us so well we would even consider letting them find us a home.


There is a lot that goes into finding the right house. Consider the following:

  • A House is a Home. Home is the place we spend most of our lives. It is where we eat, sleep, entertain friends and family, celebrate holidays, relax, retreat, and deal with life.

  • There are Many Variables. The size, configuration, and location of your home are important. The cost and condition of the house, size of the yard, appearance of the neighborhood, and even the re-sale potential are all significant issues that influence our decision to purchase.


There is One who knows us that well. There is One intimately acquainted with all our ways. There is One who knows the words we speak before they are spoken. That One, of course, is the Lord God who made us. He knows us perfectly, and the best news is:

He is preparing a home for us for all eternity!

We can’t ask the God of the universe to go house hunting for us here on earth, but since He knows and loves us enough to do so, maybe we should consider letting Him make other decisions we face in life. We won’t be disappointed in our heavenly home, and we surely won’t be disappointed in the way God leads us through this life either.

by Jimmy Aycock