You may have noticed the world is “pinker” lately. The color appears on Facebook profiles, websites, store windows, and billboards. One airline is even flying a pink airplane this month. October is breast cancer awareness month, when businesses, non-profits, celebrities, and media wear pink to raise awareness for the prevention of breast cancer. So, today ILI Core Leadership blog goes pink.


This post may seem off-topic, but if we look more closely, wearing pink is about influence. Every biblical leader can (and should) leverage his or her influence capacity to help women prevent breast cancer.


Whether men or women, we have the responsibility to do something so more women can beat this dreadful disease. Here are four things you can do today to prevent breast cancer:

  1. Lead by Example. If you are a woman, lead the way and stay up-to-date with prevention measures. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). Examine yourself frequently and visit the doctor at least once a year for checkups.

  2. Influence Loved Ones. Make sure the women in your life are doing the same. Nudge them if necessary, but don’t let time go by. In cancer prevention, time is always against us.

  3. Support Those Fighting. It is unbelievable, but almost everyone on our team has someone in their family or circle of friends who has had or currently has breast cancer. These women are battling for their lives and need our prayers and support.

  4. Go Pink. This may sound small, but imagine how many lives will be saved because of little pink ribbons or “pinked-out” Facebook profiles. Women will be reminded of the need for prevention.

As John Maxwell says, “everything rises or falls on leadership.” If this is true, the future of the women in our lives who may have breast cancer in the coming years rises or falls on our leadership during breast cancer awareness month and beyond.


What are you doing to prevent the surprise of breast cancer? What can you do today to help one or more women in your life prevent this disease?

by The ILI International Office Staff