I have been aboard airplanes enough to memorize the standard flight attendant announcements. One thing I always hear is that the main concern of the cabin crew is our safety. These trained professionals not only serve drinks during turbulence, but more importantly lead people to safety in an emergency. During the hours of flight, the cabin crew members are my leaders, and I am a willing follower.


Like flight attendants, leaders are responsible for the safety of those they lead. This claim can be taken both literally and figuratively. If a fire occurred in our office, those of us on the leadership team would guide others out safely. On the other hand, servant leaders are also responsible for creating a safe work environment for their team to pursue their shared God-given vision and accomplish their goals.


To guarantee the safety of their team and set them up for success, servant leaders must do the following five things:

  1. Lead the Way. Leadership by example is going ahead of the team, scouting the terrain, and ensuring everything is ready for the next step towards the vision.

  2. Stand Firm in Hard Times. Just as the presence of the cabin crew eases tension during crisis, the protective attitude of a good servant leader instills a sense of security.

  3. Set Others Up for Success. Excellent leaders provide their team with the resources they need to perform their functions and succeed.

  4. Defend Their People. On the battlefield, every soldier is fighting for the next fighter, their brother or sister in arms. Great leaders are the first to defend their team from threat.

  5. Pray. As Christian leaders, we have the responsibility and the privilege of praying regularly for those we lead.

While I have never had to benefit from the flight attendants’ safety training, I have been empowered, defended, protected, and prayed for by several leaders I followed. As a leader, I am committing to doing the same for my team. How about you?


How safe is your work environment? Are you working to keep your team safe and secure on the way to success?

by Norival Trindade