A Walk From Death to Life

Almost a decade ago, my wife and I had the privilege of helping lead a History Makers Journey in the small town of Malenovice, in the Czech Republic. I remember having a conversation with Martin Durham, ILI’s international director for Europe, in which he shared his vision of “Europe Ablaze with the Gospel.” Mobilizing leaders in the “Post Christian” European continent was a challenge, but Martin had confidence that God would show them the way. Eight years later, I traveled back to the region, where I met alumni from Spain, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Belarus, Moldova, Albania, and several other European nations. It was in Wisla, Poland, a beautiful mountain town in a region with a dark past. Not far from there stand the ruins of the complex of extermination camps known as Auschwitz, where more than one million people, mostly Jews, were mass murdered in gas chambers by the Nazis.

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Walking to Make History

In less than one month, on June 21, several of our European leaders are walking the distance between these two places in a campaign to increase awareness about the History Makers movement in Europe and to raise resources to continue setting Europe Ablaze with the Gospel through equipping of young leaders with the Eight Core Values.

Intimacy with God – Passion for the Harvest – Visionary Leadership – Culturally Relevant Evangelism – Multiplication of Leaders – Family Priority – Faithful Stewardship -- Integrity

The Bold Obedience Walk for Life

The symbolism is powerful. Alumni, staff, and friends of ILI are walking for three days from a place of death, Auschwitz, to a place of life, Malenovice, where, for the last decade, hundreds of leaders have been equipped to take the life-giving message of the Gospel to others. Of course, the walk will be featured on our social media channels, so check us out on Facebook and Instagram to follow the walk in real time.

As with everything else that ILI does, the motivation for this initiative is to accelerate the spread of the Gospel. Millions in Europe and billions around the world still live without Christ. The responsibility of the Church is to reach them.

There are men and women in Europe and in every other continent who love God and want to make a difference for His Kingdom. They want to be part of a global movement that is inviting others to follow Christ as they do. When we equip them with the Eight Core Values of the best leaders, they are able to accomplish the purpose for which God created and saved them. Some of these leaders are walking from Auschwitz to Malenovice to show their commitment to these values and to God’s Kingdom with their actions.

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