This week in North America, families will get together, spend an entire day cooking and eating more than they should, and maybe even follow it up with a game of American Football. More importantly, this week there will be heartfelt expressions of gratitude for all God's blessings this year. Even for those without much faith, Thanksgiving is a day to pray and express gratitude.


Though some only outwardly express gratitude on the last Thursday of November, others know the importance of the words “thank you” throughout the year.


Gratitude is a positive leadership trait. Leaders who practice gratitude all year experience greater results in their personal life and leadership. Here are five reasons it pays to be grateful:

  1. Gratitude is a Positive Attitude. This cannot be emphasized enough, especially in a day and age when bad news and negativity seem to prevail.

  2. Gratitude is Contagious. Have you ever noticed how gratitude can inspire others to be thankful? As a leader, if you express gratitude often enough, you will create a culture of gratitude that will affect your entire organization.

  3. Gratitude Affirms Goodness. When you thank God for your blessings, it affirms your confidence in His goodness and dependence on Him. When you thank people (especially in public), you affirm their work and goodness.

  4. Gratitude Builds Healthy Relationships. When we are grateful, we affirm others and establish trust, which is foundational to great relationships and allows us to have positive influence over them.

  5. Gratitude is Good for Business. In an article in Forbes Magazine, David Horsager affirms, “When we make the effort to adopt gratitude year-round, the results can prove astonishing.” In fact, studies show that sincere and heartfelt gratitude can do wonders for your organization.


Our sincere gratitude for people flows directly from our gratitude for God. Giving thanks to God is the greatest expression of gratitude and our recognition of the Truth in the words of James 1:19,

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father
of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Our gratitude should not be limited to the holidays, but it is a good start. Let's take it a step further and make this entire week “gratitude week.” Then, you can choose to continue practicing gratitude through the weekend and next week — becoming a habit and daily attitude.

Thank you supporting Core Leadership and the spread of the Gospel. Happy Thanksgiving!

from The Global ILI Team