As we continue to look ahead into 2017, it is necessary to reflect on the year past so we can learn and grow as we move forward. Some made a lot of money in 2016, while others did not. Some teams were champions, while others ranked last. Some students passed, while others failed. As leaders, we must look back and evaluate our success, asking the question: Did we succeed or fail at what we set out to accomplish in 2016?


Before we measure our success, we need to agree on a definition of the term. The world defines success mostly in material ways. For many, success is about money, power, ratings, followers, etc. For the visionary, success is about achieving specific goals and getting the job done. For the biblical leader, success is measured by standards having nothing to do with performance, material achievement, or popularity. Consider the following seven indicators that you are a successful, biblical leader.

  1. Others are Empowered. Biblical leadership is focused on serving others, so consider yourself a successful leader when those around you are elevated, promoted, encouraged, or otherwise lifted up.

  2. Positive Change Happens. Biblical leaders are agents of meaningful change. Positive change isn’t always noticeable, but you can consider yourself a successful leader when your vision makes the world a little better.

  3. Everybody Wins. Making a profit is easy when it means others lose, but when biblical leaders are in action, there are no losers.

  4. Kingdom Values are Manifested. One day the Kingdom of God will be fully established among us. Until then, we are responsible for promoting Kingdom values: goodness, kindness, love, compassion, justice, and many more.

  5. Your Leadership Points to Christ. How many times have you been identified with Christ because of something you did? We live and lead in such a way that others associate us with Christ and consider His teachings and claims.

  6. People Come Closer to Jesus. God can use every human interaction to bring people closer to Christ. Even in matters of business, your leadership has the power to draw others closer to Jesus.

  7. God is Glorified. Just like the moon reflects the light of the sun, our leadership should reflect the glory of God. When one or more of the of the signs above are seen, God’s name is praised and His glory shines through our leadership.


Notice none of these signs reflect "bottom line" figures such as revenue, numbers, or goal-achievement. What many have observed is these seemingly “lesser” indicators of success may very well come as a welcome consequence of focusing on "higher” things. By focusing on "higher" things, your leadership has the potential to be successful wherever you lead.


Are you a successful leader? Which of the signs above is manifesting in your daily leadership?

by Norival Trindade