For many people, the ideal place to live has mild weather year round with minimal change. I, on the other hand, enjoy living in a place where I get to experience the individual distinctiveness of four seasons. I love spring and the beauty of plants and trees turning green and blossoming. I enjoy long summer evenings and the opportunities for many activities. The fall may be my favorite season with the cool relief from summer and the stunning beauty of changing leaves. I even love the winter. I enjoy the cold weather and rainy days perfectly suited for sitting by the fire with a blanket, a cup of coffee, and a book. For me, every season has something to offer.


There is a similar truth to the seasons of life, but it may be much harder to see the blessings and be thankful. Life seasons are distinguished both by time and circumstances. There is childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and several additional stages of adulthood. There is the season of marriage and beginning a family, the season of having teens, their transition into adulthood, the empty nest, and becoming grandparents. Finally the season of retirement comes and, if one lives long enough, that season when you become dependent on others in some way or another. 

There are other kinds of seasons in our life's journey. There are times of illness, times of grief, loneliness, and seasons of uncertainty. There are seasons of prosperity and blessing, times of smooth sailing, and times of stormy seas. There are seasons of planting or investing, and seasons of harvesting. There are times of learning, and times of doing. There are also seasons of rest. Some seasons are designed as a natural rhythm of life, and some may seem driven by random circumstances. Some of these seasons are enjoyable, but some are very, very difficult.


God tells us in the book of Ecclesiastes that there is an appointed time for “every activity under the heavens.” It is good to know the seasons of our lives do not escape God's notice. In fact, I believe He is weaving them into the glorious design and purpose He has for our lives. This awareness should give us hope in the difficult times, patience in the confusing ones, and gratitude for His faithfulness at all times. It is interesting that the original word translated as "activity," literally means "delight." Apparently, we can delight in every season of life, even the very difficult ones, because God is using all the seasons and events of life for some good, redemptive purpose in our lives. That’s what Paul says in Romans 8:28,

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those
who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

This explains why we can "rejoice always," and "in all things give thanks," as we know God has a plan and a purpose, and He is using all the seasons of our lives to bring to fruition everything He desires for us. We can even "rejoice in our trials," because we know God is at work, regardless of the season of life!

Winter, spring, summer, and fall have something unique to offer. We may prefer one over another, but each season has blessings to give. How much more true this is with every season of life!

by Jimmy Aycock