As a young child in a Hindu family, Sabitha contracted Polio which stunted her growth and left her dependent on a walking staff. In a culture that undervalues women, especially those with disabilities, she would normally be "thrown away" because of her circumstances... But God had different plans.

When Sabitha arrived at the ILI leadership training in India, a mistake was made. As a woman standing less than four feet tall with a withered right leg, she was sent to the women's Bible study instead of the leadership conference. After sitting in the study for a couple hours, Sabitha went back to the registration table and said,

"I think you sent me to the wrong place. God has called me to be a leader for Him. I want leadership training."

With sincere apologies, she was led to the ILI National Conference, where she was equipped with the Eight Core Values of the most effective leaders. Sabitha grew in her knowledge, faith, and skills that week. God confirmed within her a passion for church planting in a region that is less than 1% Christian. Recognizing the potential dangers this vision could mean for her, Sabitha boldly declared, "I am willing to die for Christ."

Sabitha has now planted 45 churches and is enrolled in Hope for Today's 3-year Church Planting Discipleship Movement (CPDM) program, equipping her to raise up a new generation of church planting leaders... All these things from a woman who society could have disregarded and "thrown away."


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