The Gospels record over 35 examples of Jesus sharing the Good News with several individuals in various circumstances. He shared it in homes, on the streets, under a tree, and from a boat. Even at the cross, in the moment of His greatest suffering, Jesus took the time to respond to one of the criminals by His side.


Jesus passed on the responsibility of sharing the Good News to His followers—including you and me. We are now responsible for letting others know there is hope and salvation in Christ. Yet, two-thirds of the world have not yet made a decision about the claims of the Gospel.


The essence of the Gospel is not a doctrine or religion, but the life of a person—Jesus. Nothing communicates this truth better than a life transformed by the power of God. That's where you come in. Peter said every Christian should be ready to share their personal testimony so they can…

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who
asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

1 Peter 3:15


Every personal story should contain elements that help others understand how the power of the Gospel changed your life and can change theirs as well. In order to communicate this message powerfully, consider four elements when sharing:

  1. Your Life without Christ. Be honest and share what your life looked like before Christ. Did you struggle with fear? Anger? Bad behavior? Emptiness? The Gospel provides answers. Perhaps the person you are talking to has some of the same struggles as you.

  2. How You Became a Believer. Explain what caused you to look for Jesus, how you found Him, what convinced you to take the leap of faith, how it felt, and other relevant aspects of your encounter with Christ.

  3. Your Life with Christ. Be transparent. You probably still have problems and difficult times in your life. However, emphasize how the Gospel has provided answers for you and how Jesus continues to help you get through your struggles.

  4. How Others can Experience Jesus. A presentation of your salvation story is complete when you provide others the opportunity to consider their own story with Jesus. Without pushing, let them know this Jesus who transformed your life is available for them as well.

God looks for men and women who live and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with passion, sensitivity, and power. He desires everyone to be reached with the Gospel. When you first experienced Christ’s love, God didn’t to put you on a shelf. Instead, Jesus transforms you so you can join Him in the grand task of telling your faith story and sharing the Good News with those who do not yet know Him.


Who can you share your faith story with today?

by Norival Trindade