It's easy to feel limited in your leadership because of insufficient training or the right resources. Even many entry-level jobs these days require a degree or years of experience. At times, even I feel “ in over my head,” wishing I had a degree in management or something similar. Then again, maybe leadership isn't only for the naturally talented and the highly educated.


While it is true some leadership practices require natural talent and acquired skills, there are other practices accessible to anyone who wants to make a difference and influence others – no talent required.


Here are seven key leadership practices that require no talent or skills:

  1. Attendance – Faithfulness doesn’t require special talent. No special training is needed to be present, attentive, and fully engaged. Accomplishing greatness is often a result of just showing up consistently and persistently.

  2. Punctuality – I have learned to respect people who are consistently on time. When someone shows up on time to meet me, I feel respected and important. If you want to lead, showing up on time will go a long way in earning the respect it takes to influence others.

  3. Positive Attitude – One person with a positive attitude can completely change the atmosphere of a meeting (unfortunately, the opposite is also true). Even if you don’t say much, your attitude may be your greatest influence.

  4. Passion – Passion and enthusiasm are often confused. However, to be passionate about something means you are willing to suffer for it. So when you ask, “Are you passionate?” the question is really, “Are you willing to suffer to see the vision accomplished?” If your answer is a resounding YES, then you possess passion.

  5. HumilityTrue humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” This kind of humility comes from intimacy with God and from seeing ourselves through the eyes of our Creator.

  6. Willingness to Learn – Someone once said, “An old person is one who does not have anything else to learn.” One of my greatest inspirations is a 94-year-old theologian and biblical scholar who wakes up every morning wondering what he will learn from Christ and from Scripture.

  7. Going the Extra Mile – Everyone expects you to do what is expected of you. What would it take for you to wow people by “over-delivering” every single time?

With the exception of the personal price of sacrifice, these seven practices require no talent or cost. They require no special training, just a disciplined pursuit. There is one thing these practices do require: a decision to become the kind of leader who shows up on time with a positive and passionate attitude, humble and open to learning, and committed to doing more than what is expected.


Are you this kind of leader? Remember, it doesn’t require any special talent or training.

by Norival Trindade