Imagine two preachers having a conversation comparing their respective churches. They discuss worship, attendance, youth, children's programs, and mission efforts. Finally, they begin to discuss the size of their congregations. One pastor affirms his church has around 400 members. The other responds his is close to 1,200. Skeptical of such a high number, the first pastor asks a clarifying question: “Do you mean active members?” Without hesitation, the second pastor responded, “Yes, we have about 300 active for Jesus and the other 900 active for the devil!”

No Neutrality

Though this is obviously a stale joke, it conveys a real and important truth: There is no neutrality—no middle ground or straddling the fence—where Jesus is concerned. Many people like to think they're not deciding against Jesus, just choosing not to decide for Him. Others may think they are just putting off the decision for a later date. It seems as though many choose to neither accept nor reject Jesus. They would rather leave the choice undecided.

The truth of the matter when it comes to our relationship with Christ is we are never in a neutral state. Our natural, default state is one of sinfulness and rebellion against God. To decide not to surrender is actually a decision to stay where we are. We may think we are doing good by not choosing to rebel, but not choosing to surrender to Jesus is to continue in a state of rebellion that already exists.

Who are we active for?

Another way to to look at this same issue is to take my fictitious pastor’s approach, and ask ourselves if we are being active for Jesus or active for the devil. The answer will always be one or the other. If we are not intentionally, purposefully serving the Lord, we are in effect serving the devil. Everyone is active, just like the people in the pastor’s church. The question is whether we are being active for the devil or active for the Lord. We must choose one or the other. There is no middle ground.

by Jimmy Aycock