Last week, a portion of an elevated highway collapsed in Atlanta, GA in the United States. Only those who live nearby and drive through that particular stretch of road can imagine the confusion this one accident has caused this metropolitan area with 5.7 million people and 3.6 million vehicles. This single event, this one moment, has turned driving through Atlanta into a very complicated affair. It will impact the lives of many for the next several months, and perhaps even the next year to come.


Just like outside events can have a deep impact on our lives, so do internal decisions we make and actions we take. Have you noticed how sometimes one decision, one small step or incident can completely derail our day? On the other hand, one small action can also turn us in the right direction, making us more productive, focused, or energized, and completely change the outcome of our day.


We may not be able to do much to stop a bridge from collapsing, but here are four questions to change us on the inside and redirect our history. (Ask these first thing in the morning!)

  1. What can I do today to grow personally?
    The moment we stop growing, we start decaying. That is true physically, intellectually, and even spiritually. The secret to better days is to be constantly open to learning and growing, and even have a written plan for it.

  2. What can I do today to grow others around me?
    Of course, biblical leadership is about serving others, but there is an interesting turn of events in doing so. Every minute we invest in growing others, bounces back and grows us as leaders.

  3. What can I do to today to get me closer to my goals and God’s vision for my life?
    Visionary leaders are constantly focused on their vision. The real measure of success is achieving the SMART goals we set, but setting goals is not enough. One of the most common mistakes many of us make (myself included) is setting goals and failing to review and reinforce them as time goes by. This question helps make sure we are constantly pursuing that which God has called us to.

  4. What can I do today to point me in the direction of God’s glory?
    Ultimately, it’s not about us or anyone else in this world. Our vision, goals, witness, relationships, and much more should point us and those around us in the direction of God’s glory.

One of the greatest joys of living and leading for God is we get to be part of the greatest “project” in the history of the universe – the salvation of humanity and the building of God’s Kingdom on earth. These four simple questions can help us start our day well and point our life in the right direction.


Can you commit to beginning your day by asking these four simple questions?

by Norival Trindade