Most American homes have built-in closets in nearly every room. While they have become a regular commodity, few people would really consider them important, much less noteworthy. Kitchens are important. Bedrooms are important. Bathrooms are important. Living rooms and dining rooms are important. Basically, any room in a house seems more important than a closetthat is, until you move into a new home. 


When you move into a new home, closet space becomes critical. Without a closet, you don’t have any place for your clothes, linens, or guests’ coats. Closets are essential and can be a major selling point for a house. Everyone wants adequate closet space because everyone needs adequate closet space. So, the truth is, closets really do matter.


Closets matter even more in a figurative sense. People talk about “skeletons in their closets” when referring to deep, dark secrets of their past. We all have heard the expression “coming out of the closet” when someone has been living a double life and chooses to expose their secret. 

Closets are the true personal space. For the most part, they are not for others to see or know about. They hold our personal items, whether literally with our clothes and linens, or figuratively with our deepest secrets. We all need closets because we all have things that are private, not public. So, closets serve as our personal space to load with all our "stuff."


Most closets need regular cleaning. If we clean a closet once, we will soon see it fill up again as we continually hide stuff away. This is true in our literal closets, but perhaps more so of our figurative ones. We continue to hide grudges, evil desires, and sinful habits. We don’t let anyone see our secret stuff, but we never get rid of it either. We harbor unforgiveness, jealousy, anger, lust, greed, etc., thinking if others don't know about them, they won’t matter. The truth is, God sees and knows about these things, and they do matter. They matter to Him because when they pile up, they become more difficult to get rid of, and eventually burst out of our “closets.” When that happens, it has the potential to destroy our lives.

Jesus died for our closets. Let His grace enable you to regularly inspect your closet, inviting Him into your personal space, and letting Him help you clean it out. A clean closet is a beautiful thing. 

by Jimmy Aycock