A hot topic in our world today is climate change. Some people are certain our planet is in danger, while others believe climate change is just a myth. I suppose we should come to some accurate conclusions on the matter, but this is not a blog post about global warming. There is a different climate change with more immediate relevance in our lives, yet most of us don’t give it the attention it deserves.


How often do we take time to observe the spiritual climate of our society and culture? Are we taking into consideration where we are now as compared to five or ten years ago? Do we as a nation, people, society, Church, and community honor the Lord more or less than twenty years ago? Do our accepted standards reflect Biblical standards more today than in the past? Are we seeking God and Truth more than we used to?


Perhaps even more significant, when did you last take an inventory of your personal spiritual life? Can you say you love God more fully, seek Him more diligently, worship Him more passionately, and serve Him more faithfully than last year? How about five years ago? 

Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith. 1 Corinthians 13:5

Climate change is taking place in all of us. We are either growing as disciples or somewhere in the process of becoming “lukewarm" — and you know how God deals with the lukewarm, right?


Now is a good time for you and I to study the spiritual climate of our lives, look at the data, and see what changes have occurred. We need to know if we are moving closer to Christ and conforming to His image, or further away. Jesus Himself said,

The love of most will grow cold.Matthew 24:12

We must be aware of even the slightest chill, and take steps to reverse any “spiritual cooling” immediately. Jesus once said we tend to study the weather but fail to understand what is really happening in life from a spiritual perspective (Matt. 16:3).

Whether warmer or colder, there is a good chance the spiritual climate of your life is changing. Whatever the change, we need to make sure we are changing in the right direction. Remember, the climate changes in our spiritual lives will matter long after this world is no more.