In 2015 alone, 23,205 leaders were trained and mobilized through one of the 500+ training events that took place. The gift of training is one of the greatest gifts anyone can receive. Your donation will help train leaders globally and will multiply exponentially as the Gospel is accelerated around the world.






Over and over again we hear the question, “Why does ILI equip leaders?” The answer is simple... a third of the world has yet to hear the Good News of the Gospel.

And how can they believe in Him if they have never heard about Him? And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them? — Romans 10:14


Men and women around the world are waiting for their opportunity to be equipped so they can more effectively reach their nations for Christ. They know their language, culture, and people on a deep level, and they need the right tools to effectively spread the Gospel. As believers, we are called to action!
Our annual Train a Leader Campaign from Easter to Pentecost was created so leaders around the world can have the unique opportunity to be equipped with the Eight Core Values of the most effective Christian leaders. We have requests every day for more leadership training, and with your help, we can respond!



Our campaign goal is $75,000. Several generous donors have committed to give half of the goal, and they have issued a challenge to all ILI partners to give the second half! Will you us help meet or exceed this God-sized goal by giving to the campaign?



Equipping leaders is a critical step in the process of spreading the Gospel. Oriel Ramos was recently trained at a History Makers conference in Colombia and immediately put his God-given vision into action.

Oriel understands the meaning of“going the extra mile.” God began to speak to him about taking the Gospel to the Wiwas, an indigenous and unengaged people group in the mountains of Colombia with a population of approximately 7,300. The Wiwas live in a very poor region with medical care at least a day's walk away. Malnutrition is a major problem among children, causing a high child mortality rate.*

With degrees in land surveying and theological education, Oriel secured a permit with the government to be a land surveyor for the region. His passion to see the Wiwas reached with the Gospel has now propelled him to meet with and listen to the leaders of their group. Please pray for Oriel as he seeks a man or woman of peace who will accept the call to spread the Gospel.

Will you give to the Train a Leader campaign so more leaders like Oriel can be equipped to accelerate the spread of the Gospel?