God’s power transformed his life and marriage.

"My relationship with God was dry and routine... my relationship with my wife was stressed and not exciting. I knew if I carried on that way, I would be one of the biggest hypocrites..."

During the Global Summit, ILI leader for Malaysia, Jih Ren Chang, shared a powerful testimony that hit home with many of our leaders. Watch Jih Ren's story and learn how God used the most dark and difficult days of his life to transform his life and leadership.


Born in Medellin, Colombia, Juan was raised in a Catholic family and struggled through his faith. In a town with the highest crime rate in the world at the time, and a dominating presence of drug cartels, the inevitable crept into Juan’s life: drug use as a young teenager. When his parents divorced, darkness and depression began to rule his life. Juan couldn’t see past his struggles, but God had a bigger plan…

Through the persistence of friends, Juan attended a youth event where he was introduced to a redeeming love story in Jesus Christ. He began seeking and reading the Bible for answers, finally surrendering his life when he found Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” His faith continued to grow as his relationship with God became more intimate.

Years later, Juan was experiencing success running a business of his own when tragedy struck. Walking to work one day, two men approached him on a motorcycle. One pulled a gun out, and with no apparent motive, shot Juan from behind – changing his life forever. As Juan recovered in the hospital, he knew in his heart God was calling him to surrender his life to full time ministry. The cry was clear, his home nation was in desperate need of stronger leadership.

After attending seminary in the USA and being introduced to ILI and the Eight Core Values, Juan and his family returned to Medellin to equip leaders and accelerate the spread of the Gospel in Latin America. Today, Colombia has stabilized from the drug cartels, and Juan is whole-heartedly committed to seeing the Church become a passionate body of believers with transformational effects.

ingrida's faith, her father's new life

Ingrida’s father was not a Christian, in fact, he believed in Hinduism among other religions. Although a Christian herself, Ingridga never had the courage to speak to her father about her faith in God. That all changed when she attended the  Lithuania History Makers. The truth Ingrida learned about having a Passion for the Harvest and sharing with Relevant Evangelism impacted her greatly, but it was the Core Value of Family Priority that motivated her to go back and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with her father.

“…after that, amazing things started to happen, not only in our relationship, but I also began to see others come alongside him to explain and  show the love of God to him.” To Ingrida's surprise, her father's heart was softened, and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Ingrida credits the support system she gained at the History Makers Journey for giving her the courage and motivation to boldly live out her faith and help spread the Gospel to her own family.

I am a History Maker not a Terrorist

Kenyatta International Airport; Nairobi, Kenya.  The security agent said, “I am sorry but we are not going to allow you in our country. You are a security risk.”  “But why?” Velma protested. “I am here for an international conference with delegates from across Africa with the International Leadership Institute, a globally recognized organization. I have my official letters of invitation.  I am a History Maker, not a terrorist!” Velma was whisked away to a locked cell in the interior of the airport. David Thagana, Bishop of Glory Outreach Assembly and also ILI’s East Africa Director, was alerted.  David immediately appealed to the Director of National Security who personally intervened but not before Velma spent a night in the airport’s jail cell where she passed the time singing hymns. Twenty-four hours after being detained, Velma was granted a Kenyan visa and discovered that she had fit a profile for a terrorist, a Cameroonian women coming from Liberia on a church invitation.  This is a snapshot of today’s world.  After her release, Velma served as one of they key organizers of and ILI leadership meeting with leaders from 28 different regions of Africa from Liberia to Kenya to Mozambique.