Unemployment and poverty loom over the people of Bahrain as oil and water supplies diminish. While Bahrain is strategic for the Gospel because it allows more freedom than most Gulf nations, there are still restrictions against sharing the Gospel with the majority Muslim population, tensions between Sunni and Shia Muslims, and a small evangelical population.

Father, I pray Your Hand upon the economy of Bahrain. I dare to ask for boldness upon believers in the nation to care for the least of these and proclaim Your Name and Your love. May the actions of Your children not go unnoticed, but rather spark a curiosity in others to know more. Open doors for evangelism and use Bahrain to bring real change to the entire region. In Jesus’ Name, amen.





Bangladesh suffers from widespread poverty, an unstable and corrupt government, illiteracy, poor infrastructure, and vulnerability to natural disasters. While there is a small minority of Christians, the presence and influence of Islam and the persecution of Christians continues to grow.

Lord, I ask for government leaders who will govern Bangladesh with integrity, fairness, and great wisdom. Unify and strengthen the Church, and raise up Godly leaders to lead effectively. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


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For two years, we have joined together weekly to pray for the needs of every nation in the world. Thank you for being so faithful! Our focus has been the advance of the Gospel to see the glory of God revealed and known throughout every nation. Our "prayer trip around the world" was a first for me. The discipline of praying for the nations has been enriching. I know our prayers have been effective in ways we may never know on this side of heaven.

The Bible teaches us to "pray without ceasing," so we want to continue to pray for nations. Moving forward, we're launching a brand new, weekly message called Dare to Ask God that will inspire you, deepen your intimacy with God, grow your leadership skills, challenge you to pray for the nations, and connect you with the ILI leaders around the world. It will be a joy to continue praying with you, and see what God will do in the nations as we “Dare to Ask!”

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For His glory,
Jimmy Aycock
ILI International Director


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