Largely Roman Catholic, but for many this is in name only. The evangelical population is small but growing. There is a great need for unity and cooperation among evangelical groups. Materialism, New Age philosophies, and cults such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons are growing. There is a significant need for well-trained Christians leaders to lead churches, especially among the evangelical congregations.

*Pray for traditional religion to be replaced with genuine faith for those in the Roman Catholic Church. Pray for believers to catch a missions vision and seize evangelistic opportunities in the greater Portuguese-speaking world. Pray for the Portuguese Evangelical Alliance’s initiative to plant a church in every one of Portugal’s 316 counties by 2015.






Almost completely dependent on oil and gas, of which there is an abundance. Nearly 100% of Qataris are Muslim. The strict Wahhabi form of Sunni Islam is the state religion. Expat Christians may practice their faith but are strictly forbidden to share it. Evangelical presence is small and it is difficult for Christians to find facilities to meet. Media ministries (radio, television, and internet) are perhaps the best means for the Gospel to be shared.

*Pray for open doors for Muslims to hear and receive the Gospel. Pray for a recognition of spiritual need amid such material wealth. Pray for the birth of an indigenous church focused on sharing the Gospel with all Qataris.



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For two years, we have joined together weekly to pray for the needs of every nation in the world. Thank you for being so faithful! Our focus has been the advance of the Gospel to see the glory of God revealed and known throughout every nation. Our "prayer trip around the world" was a first for me. The discipline of praying for the nations has been enriching. I know our prayers have been effective in ways we may never know on this side of heaven.

The Bible teaches us to "pray without ceasing," so we want to continue to pray for nations. Moving forward, we're launching a brand new, weekly message called Dare to Ask God that will inspire you, deepen your intimacy with God, grow your leadership skills, challenge you to pray for the nations, and connect you with the ILI leaders around the world. It will be a joy to continue praying with you, and see what God will do in the nations as we “Dare to Ask!”

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For His glory,
Jimmy Aycock
ILI International Director


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