Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone

Extreme poverty, poor infrastructure, high employment and illiteracy rates, small Christian presence, increasing influence of Islam, strong occult influence. Recovery from Ebola devastation.

Pray for the “pulling down of strongholds” in the nation, and that the ILI alumni will be able to form a strong team to provide crucial Biblical, spiritual, and transformation leadership training for the believers there.





Challenges associated with affluence, such as broken marriages, domestic violence, secularism, and the pursuit of material wealth impact the Church and the society at large. Spiritual pride in the Church results in marginalization of the poor.

Pray for God to awaken the Church to the needs of the poor, and remind them of their utter dependence on Jesus. Ask God to use the resource-rich Body of Christ in Singapore to impact the world.


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For two years, we have joined together weekly to pray for the needs of every nation in the world. Thank you for being so faithful! Our focus has been the advance of the Gospel to see the glory of God revealed and known throughout every nation. Our "prayer trip around the world" was a first for me. The discipline of praying for the nations has been enriching. I know our prayers have been effective in ways we may never know on this side of heaven.

The Bible teaches us to "pray without ceasing," so we want to continue to pray for nations. Moving forward, we're launching a brand new, weekly message called Dare to Ask God that will inspire you, deepen your intimacy with God, grow your leadership skills, challenge you to pray for the nations, and connect you with the ILI leaders around the world. It will be a joy to continue praying with you, and see what God will do in the nations as we “Dare to Ask!”

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For His glory,
Jimmy Aycock
ILI International Director


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