San marino

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San marino

A city state in north-central Italy. San Marino has been an independent republic since 301 AD. It proclaims itself as the “Ancient Land of Liberty,” yet past outreaches by evangelicals resulted in jailing or expulsion from the country even though there is technically freedom of worship. The vast majority of the population is Roman Catholic, though very nominal. Materialism predominates, and there are currently no hurches or ministries evangelizing in San Marino.

Pray for Holy Spirit-led proclamation of the Gospel in this unevangelized nation. Pray for the culturally religious to be awakened to their own depravity. Pray for those deceived by materiallism to be freed through security in Christ.



Sao tome & principe

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Sao tome & Principe

Sao Tome & Principe are islands off the coast of Gabon supported primarily by cocoa exports. Poverty is widespread. The majority of the population is Catholic, but a syncretistic blend of Catholicism and the practice of deep-seated African spiritist beliefs are most common. While evangelicals are growing. Islam is a well.

*Pray for continued freedom to proclaim the Gospel. Pray for the ancestor worshiping Christians to come to knowledge of the sovereign Lord. Pray for full financial support for Christian missionaries and organizations working in country.



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For two years, we have joined together weekly to pray for the needs of every nation in the world. Thank you for being so faithful! Our focus has been the advance of the Gospel to see the glory of God revealed and known throughout every nation. Our "prayer trip around the world" was a first for me. The discipline of praying for the nations has been enriching. I know our prayers have been effective in ways we may never know on this side of heaven.

The Bible teaches us to "pray without ceasing," so we want to continue to pray for nations. Moving forward, we're launching a brand new, weekly message called Dare to Ask God that will inspire you, deepen your intimacy with God, grow your leadership skills, challenge you to pray for the nations, and connect you with the ILI leaders around the world. It will be a joy to continue praying with you, and see what God will do in the nations as we “Dare to Ask!”

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For His glory,
Jimmy Aycock
ILI International Director


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