ILI exist to accelerate the spread of the Gospel through leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit. Jimmy serves as the Associate Director for Training and is committed to equipping leaders through the Eight Core Values.

Jimmy states,

“It is exciting to have the opportunity to train Christian leaders and make disciples in the nations of the 10-40 window! To be able to focus my service in the parts of the world in which the Gospel is restricted or forbidden, and/or which believers are persecuted for their faith, is truly a privilege. My heart goes out to our brothers and sisters who live daily with the reality of being persecuted for their faith, and to those who have never heard the message of God's salvation in Jesus Christ. 
The countries within the 10/40 window are the places on the planet in which the majority of both of these group live. It is both humbling and exciting to know that God has given me this incredible opportunity to work with Christian leaders in the countries of the 10/40 window as they reach the unreached and make disciples of Jesus Christ."

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